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Our Unique Products

The company's product line features a soy-based BioCel polyurethane coating that replaces petroleum polyols with renewable, soy ingredients to keep it cool and an antimicrobial for odor control.

This text has been summarizing the information in this passage: "Our turf is much cooler than other products because we use heat reduction technology," "We also add delustering additives which reduce fiber sheen before selling them." Additionally they have 40% more individual fibers per square foot on their field compared with artificial grass made out of mineral wool or rubber infill alone; these improvements make your backyard look better too!

Synthetic Grass Solutions for Your Home or Business

When you need an artificial lawn that will last, look no further than our company. We specialize in providing the most advanced products on today's market with features like heat reduction additives and antimicrobials to keep your home or business clean for years!

Heat Resistant Nylon Products

Our nylon products have been engineered to have a more realistic look and feel than any other material, including polyester. They also carry the industry’s only warranty against reflective lighting melt! The Platinum Heat Resist can come in three different constructions: 60 denier (thin), 120 denier (medium) or 180D(thick).

All of them offer complete resistance from melting due to windows' light reflecting off of them during night time hours which would otherwise cause fires that are Class A rated for rooftop applications- this means they'll stand up against extreme heat levels without getting burnt into ash like some competing brands might do if left out side all day long while the sun is at its peak.

Putting Green and Golf Products

The durable and resilient nylon fibers of our golf products will provide you with a firm surface that requires almost no maintenance. The tee line or fringe can be used repeatedly without having to replace due wear from your club’s impact, as they are made for AN artificial putting green!