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    Artificial Lawn Maintenance Tips in Naples, FL

    Artificial lawns are a great investment for many homeowners. Artificial lawn maintenance is necessary to keep your yard looking beautiful year-round and prevent it from becoming dry, brittle and bald. Artificial grass will last longer than natural turf and require less time watering, mowing, fertilizing and weeding.

    Here are some tips on how to maintain an artificial lawn: 1) Maintain Artificial Grass Height - Once you have installed your new AstroTurf or fake grass system, trim the edges with scissors every 3 months to get rid of excess that has grown outside of the border.

    This will help keep the height even across the entire surface area which in turn prevents balding patches in high traffic areas like near sidewalks or doorways where people walk or drive over it often.

    2) Remove Debris and Dust - Use a leaf blower or broom to remove any debris that may have collected on the surface of your artificial grass. Dust can be blown away with a leaf blower or hosed off with a garden hose.

    3) Clean Artificial Grass with Bleach - If you notice any spots or areas that look like they are starting to get moldy, mix 1 part bleach with 9 parts water and pour it over the affected area. Let the bleach solution sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off with a garden hose.

    4) Fertilize Artificial Grass - Artificial grass will not need to be fertil as often as natural turf but you can fertilize it every few months to keep it looking green and healthy. Use a 16-4-8 slow release fertilizer and sprinkle it over the surface of the artificial grass.

    5) Water Artificial Grass - Artificial grass should be watered regularly, especially during periods of drought. Make sure the soil underneath is wet before watering your artificial lawn. You can water it with a garden hose or use a sprinkler system.

    following these tips will help you keep your artificial lawn looking beautiful year-round!

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