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    Artificial Turf for Roofs, Patios, and Decks

    With artificial lawns, you can have a beautiful green space without having to worry about the often-present problems associated with natural surfaces. The installation process is quick and easy--we’ll come out assess your property before giving advice on what type of installation would look best in terms or style as well as size needed for any given area!

    Whether it's roofing over partway dead spaces inside homes; adding grade so every inch counts outside—Naples Artifical Lawn provides innovative solutions tailored specifically around customer specifications

    Not only is artificial turf a great way to improve the look of your home but it's also a functional one! Artificial turf for patios and decks is the perfect solution for limited space areas such as condos and townhomes; or even apartment complexes. Artificial turf can be placed underneath your patio furniture and provides a soft, comfortable surface for you to spend time with friends and family.

    Artificial grass also serves as an excellent solution for areas where you would like to avoid the hassle of maintaining a natural surface. Artificial turf is resistant to fading, staining, and mold, meaning you can spend less time worrying about your deck or patio and more time enjoying it!

    What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

    Artificial turf is a low maintenance and beautiful landscape material that can be installed in unique locations like high-rises or condominiums. Not only does it provide great benefits for homeowners, but also provides an excellent addition to commercial spaces such as businesses who want their property stand out from the rest of competition by having something different than just grass outside on display!

    • Artificial Turf is Versatile and Functional! Artificial grass can be installed just about anywhere, fully customized to the needs of your space. Artificial lawns are low maintenance for those busy households with pets or children that cannot resist chewing on them! They're Eco-Friendly as well.
    • Artificial turf also saves water usage by filtering rainwater into a clean supply of drinking water.
    • Artificial turf is perfect for pet areas since it doesn't get muddy and retains its color even when wet.
    • Artificial turf is also fire resistant, making it a great choice for those high traffic areas.

    Are There Different Types of Turf?

    Artificial turf comes in a number of synthetic varieties that have been created for different sports, various geographical regions and other benefits. Artificial grass types vary by their color, texture, durability and what surfaces they can be installed on.

    • Artificial sports turf: This is typically made from polyethylene fibers or polypropylene fibers so it’s suitable for rugged areas with heavy foot traffic. Artificial sports turf can be challenging to maintain because infill will need to be added regularly - which involves surfacing the area each time this happens.
    • Artificial beach grass: This type of fake grass is designed to withstand harsh environments such as water or salt! It's perfect for pet owners who live near lakes, oceans beaches that want a safe play space outdoors for their furry friends.
    • Artificial putting green: A popular choice for avid golfers, this type of artificial turf is designed to closely replicate the playing experience of a real putting green.

    How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

    Artificial turf is an affordable and functional Artificial Lawns material that can last for up to 20 years, but it will still need maintenance. More foot traffic means a shorter lifespan and more replacement visits after approximately 15 years

    Artificial rooftop installations require special care in order maintain their durability over time; we at Naples Artificial Lawns Services offer expert installation so you don’t have worry about your installation losing its value or effectiveness!

    How Long Does It Take to Install Artificial Turf?

    Your installation time will depend on the size and location of your project. There are no guarantees, but Naples Artificial Lawns can set up a consultation appointment for you with one of our installers who will come to assess all aspects involved in completing this job at home or business!