Playgrounds With Artificial Grass

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    Durable Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds

    When you want an artificial lawn that is maintenance-free, safe for children to play on and requires little care or upkeep - contact us at Naples Artificial Lawns. We have been providing innovative synthetic turf solutions from decades with our commercial as well residential products designed specifically for backyard use by families everywhere!

    Since most people don't know what they're doing when installing their own backyards' landscaping projects from shrubs & trees down towards fences etc., we offer qualified installers who will make sure all necessary materials like pipes are installed correctly plus provide safety certifications if needed before opening up your new space ready to go for summer fun in the sun.

    A Safer Way to Play

    Artificial turf is the ideal landscaping surface for playgrounds, as it has a number of safety features that make sure children are safe. Our system can be customized with your specific needs in mind and will create an amazing play area no matter where you put our FieldTurf.

    • Even Surface – The safety of our children is paramount to us. We ensure that the artificial grass we install at your playground will be even so there are fewer injuries caused by trips and falls during installation time!
    • Infill Padding – Infill Padding is a great way to make sure that your synthetic turf system will be as safe for children when they fall, even on softer surfaces like gravel or woodchips. It also adds an extra layer of cushioning so parents don't need worry about their little ones getting hurt!
    • Federal Regulations – In order to keep our synthetic grass safe and compliant with federal regulations, we have taken the extra step of adding a textured surface. This will prevent slips and falls in wet conditions or when walked on barefoot by children who may not be familiarized how dangerous it is yet!

    Low-Maintenance Alternative

    A synthetic turf playground is a durable, reliable option for parents who want to save money on replacing their children's play areas. Other surfaces such as gravel or wood chips either need constant upkeep with repairs that can cost an arm and leg in some cases while sand may be too soft which makes them uncomfortable to walk/play on after time has passed by without maintenance.

    Our 15 year warranty backs our product; it withstands continual use without needing any more attention than occasional mowing down every few months to keep it safe & fun for years to come!

    Leading the Way in Play

    Artificial lawns have been used in playgrounds for decades. Our system is clean, safe and low maintenance alternative to other landscaping surfaces - perfect if you're looking to install a new one at home or elsewhere!

    With our experienced team we can help design it so that your space fits seamlessly with any architecture style imaginable; whether creating an artificial turf solution tailored just right especially considering the size of area being covered as well its surroundings like trees etc... Contact us today before these spaces go empty!"