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About Naples Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns are not only perfect for establishments that want an eco-friendly alternative but also offer fantastic prices and expert installations. One company in particular, Naples Artificial Grass Company has been able to sustain success by offering the most advanced products on today’s market while maintaining high standards of customer service through out their business process

A single sentence describing what We do... With more than decade of experience in this industry, we have been able to provide Artificial Grass that brings the most sought-after benefits and outcomes for our clients. Whether you’re after a contemporary look or an authentic feel for your project, we can meet all your grass needs!

Some of the Distinguishing Features of Our Artificial Lawn Products:

Some of the distinguishing features of our artificial lawn products include:

- Artificial grass is made to look and feel like natural turf

- Fake grass does not require any watering, mowing, fertilizing, or weeding

- Artificial turf will last longer than natural turf

- Artificial grass doesn’t require regular watering, but can be watered with a garden hose or sprinkler system

- Perfect for establishments that want an eco-friendly alternative like restaurants, gyms, hotels, shopping malls and more!

Cooling technology in the fiber that reduces surface temperature to help keep you cool. Evaporative cooling infills and soy-based BioCel coating replace petroleum components with these new features, making your garments more comfortable for people who have sensitive skin or allergies (or both). Antimicrobials infused into backing of reflective nylon products will not melt when exposed to high heat from lighting off windows; playground surfaces are very durable thanks to 10' fall rating!

Our Company Prides Itself in Delivering the Best in Artificial Grass

Naples Artificial Grass employs artificial grass experts who are able to help you choose the right products for your space. Our staff will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction. Artificial lawns can be one of the most rewarding investments because they look beautiful all year round and offer long term water savings. Artificial turf is perfect for homeowners looking to increase their home value as well as businesses seeking modern looks that are also eco-friendly.